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We collected some questions that's frequently asked in N.K.System CO.,LTD.
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There's a problem with the quality management, is it okay if you could come visit and give some consultation? It's far away place, will there be charged for the transportation?
First we will start by asking customer to talk while showing us the object to be inspected.
For the object inspection, what kind of material that can be use for inspection?
Although it depends on the inspection details, we can handle industrial products of all materials.
It is an automobile-related part,is it possible to inspect other factory products (clothing)?
For example, image recognition with a camera is used to inspect uneven dyeing and tears, and metal detection using magnetism is used to inspect objects such as needles.
If a new inspection system is to be incorporated into the production line that currently in use, how long will the line be stopped?
Bringing in the inspection device to installing to the line, depending on the work contents and volume in the trial takes about 2 days to 1 week.
We will respond speedily and flexibly so as not to affect the production as much as possible.
How long for the average development time for inspection system?
From the development of a new inspection method to the completion of the in-line equipment, it takes about 1 to 3 months on average. We will do our best to meet the needs of our users.
It is difficult to manage inspection data in quality control. Do you also have data management products?
Since most of the inspection device is computer-controlled, it is possible to store and manage the obtained inspection data in the format desired by the user. In addition, we also accept the production of software only for various data storage / management.
Do ultrasound and X-ray inspection affect the human body?
Inspection device that uses the main methods of non-destructive inspection (ultrasonic waves, eddy currents, magnetism, etc.) is designed to have no effect on the human body.
However, X-ray examination is necessary should be used according to the rule.
Do I need to take special licenses or training for ultrasound or X-ray examinations?
For using non-destructive equipment, special licenses, training course are not required.
For X-ray equipment, depending on the model, it may be necessary to report to the Labor Standards Inspection Office of each local government.
Do you have an English manual for the inspection system?
It's possible to prepare it for free of charge at the user's request.
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