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We will purpose the best inspection method for the customer's environment

"It is difficult to solve with the existing inspection system."
"I can't find the best inspection device for product inspection."
"Improving quality is a challenge."
"I don't know how to detect product defects."
"I want product-specific data."
"I want to incorporate it into the existing line."

In recent years, industrial products are always required to have high quality, speed and cost down reduction. For this reason, inspection device is essential to speedily reduce product loss. If you have any questions about quality control, do not know how to solve problems related to defects, or want to incorporate an inspection system into your current production line, please consult with NK System.
Utilizing our many years of encrypted experience in the manufacture of non-destructive inspection device, we analyze and understand customer requests and quality problems as they are, and propose methods that can be resolved.


images of flow of consulting

Analyzing the content of customer consultation, we consider many points and conditions, such as product shape, material, defect type, size, inspection point, inspection time, inspection device installation location, inspection staff, automation manual, etc. By asking these many points, we clarify the purpose and situation of the inspection, and aim for a quick resolution.

PRODUCTS EXAMPLEInspection part examples

Non-destructive testing can be misused for various purposes other than product inspection,
such as measuring substances in the soil and analyzing sound frequency data.
If you have a problem that is difficult to solve with an existing inspection system, please contact us.

Car parts related

Pistons, hubs, cylinders, differentials, knuckles, brake discs, shafts, aluminum wheels, damper forks and pump covers

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    Clothing and garment manufacturing

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    Plastic Products

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    Precision Parts

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    Inspection in special environments

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WHOLE PROCESSFlow until delivery

Inquiries from users

We're always avalible by phone, FAX and email. The meeting will be easier if you prepare material and photo that shows the purpose and the situation of the inspection.

In-house experiment

Since the inspection method changes depending on the shape and material of the object to be inspected, we conduct the experiments first. If you lend us your work, we can get a clearer picture of the problem and shorten the experiment period.
If you lend us your work, we can get a clearer picture of the problem and shorten the experiment period.


We present proposal, budgets and deadline, etc.

Design / Manufacturing

We design and manufacture the product according to your proposal.

Delivery / Installation

We deliver the product and provide instruction on how to operate it.

After sales services

Except for exceptions, the warranty period is one year after delivery.
Maintenance and maintenance contracts are also available separately.